In Kharkov robberies involved a gang of fighters of «Griffin» and «Berkut»

Chervonozavodsky district court of Kharkiv handed down a guilty verdict in the case of organized armed gang that kidnapped people and took away their money. This is stated in the verdict of the panel of judges, chaired by Svetlana Salacak, January 30, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

As stated in the reasoning part of the judgment, except the organizer of the gang consisted of three people: his brother-«berkutovets», the employee of «Griffin» and unemployed.

In particular, on 2 November 2013 they attacked a man who was engaged in currency exchange on the market «Barabashovo», handcuffed him on the head, an opaque cap, tied up, beaten, taken to the County and dumped in the forest, after taking away the money (30 thousand, 2.5 thousand euros and 80tys.UAH).

6 Nov 2013 the gang made a second attack on the man who was going to buy the apartment and therefore changed periodically, large amounts of money. Faking an accident, they forced the victim out of the car, and then assaulted him, handcuffed, driven to a considerable distance, and threw in the handcuffs in the car, taking him over 1 million.150 thousand UAH, backpack and iPhone5.

In both cases, the criminals seemed to passers-by the police officers who carried out the detention.
In the course of a pretrial investigation and court consideration of the case the defendants had not pleaded guilty and refused to testify.

Plea and the remorse they said only the entrance of the court debate, without giving explanation to the charges.

All four were found guilty of committing crimes under article 257 (banditry), part 3 of article 28, part 1 St. 263 (illegal handling of firearms), part 3T. 146 (unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping committed by an organized group), part 4 St. 187 (robbery committed by an organized group), part 3 St. 289 (misappropriation of the vehicle, committed by an organized group) of the Criminal code.

In addition, the ex-fighters «Griffin» and «Berkut» found guilty of excess of powers of office (article 364 of the criminal code).

The organizer of the gang sentenced to 11 years imprisonment with confiscation of property, ex-biiy «Eagle» and «Griffin» to 10.5 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, the fourth member of the gang to 10 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

In addition, they are deprived of the right within 3 years to hold the positions connected with performance organizationally-administrative and is administrative-economic functions and must pay a fine of 8.5 thousand UAH. each.

The verdict has not yet entered into force and may be appealed in an appeal order.

Recall Netpolice expects the level of crime in the following year will decline.

In Kharkov robberies involved a gang of fighters of «Griffin» and «Berkut» 30.01.2017

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