In Kharkov can’t open one of the sites — the head of the Commission lost print

In Kharkov can’t get to work one of the polling stations – we have lost the head of the Commission together with the seal. It is reported by the IT-sector on Twitter.

“Wick No. 631594 still does not open: lost the Chairman of the Commission, there is no printing. Currently working on militiamen”, — is spoken in the message.

About 10:40 a.m., the activists reported that the head of the Commission was and wrote a statement about the loss of print. While people are still waiting on the site to vote.

The press service of GU mvdu in the Kharkov region reports that members of the public organization “OPORA” has addressed with the statement in militia and reported that in one polling station election Commission Chairperson shall be lost print.

At the polling station went operational investigative group of the Frunze regional Department of militia headed by the leadership of the division. The incident are brought in the magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages.

«The incident made only in the magazine, and then we will understand and accept the qualification as criminal proceedings», — said the Deputy chief of Department of public relations of GU mvdu in the Kharkov region Oksana Kalmykova.

Militiamen establish all circumstances and interview witnesses of the accident. Police outfits continue to serve on the section for the protection of public order.

MediaPort Agency reported on Twitter that the press was soon replaced, at 11:10 on the site began voting.

In turn, the journalist Igor Tupikin wrote on Facebook that the Commission at a polling station in Kharkiv after opening were not allowed to enter the first voters. “Waiting to first set foot on the territory of area man. Happiness”, ironically Tupikin.

In addition, at one site in Kharkov do not want observers present. It comes to the polling station 631133, located at the Tobolsk St., 46, at school №50.

According to observers, contrary to the law, election officials are trying to suspend the voting and vote for the withdrawal of observers.

The site 631591 at school No. 63 on Avenue Kosior voters want to write a complaint against the candidate from «democratic Alliance» that interferes with the electoral process.

In Kharkiv region at a polling station disappeared 500 ballots on elections of the mayor of the district

Bohodukhiv in Kharkiv region at a polling station disappeared 500 ballots on elections of the mayor.

As reported in the Main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, the day before, October 24, at 18.00 in the police of the city of Bogodukhov received the statement of the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 630128 that on October 23, at about 16.00, while at a polling station, during the recount of ballots on elections of the mayor of Bogodukhov she found the lack of ballots in quantities of 500 pieces.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 158-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine (a vote in an election or a referendum more than once).

In Kharkiv region at a polling station disappeared 500 bulletins for voting on elections of mayor of the district

At night got replaced because of errors in the ballots for elections in Kharkiv regional Council in the precinct election commissions of the town of Merefa and the village of Lipci Kharkov area.

The fact that the correspondent of UKRINFORM confirmed observers «Support».

«Bulletins on elections in a regional Council on two sections reprinted from the evening. So, yesterday at the station # 630781 in Merefa entered 2220 ballots for elections of deputies of the regional Council. The members of the Commission put them in a room and seal, and only then discovered that the ballots marked with the number of another County. All ballots were declared invalid. About the situation reported in the Kharkov district election Committee and new ballots started coming in at night», — noted in «Resistance».

Due to error of the manufacturer of the replacement ballots were held at plot No. 630833 in Lipci.

«New ballots were urgently made at night and delivered to the site,» added in the «Resistance».

In Kharkov can’t open one of the sites — the head of the Commission lost print 25.10.2015

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