In Kharkiv the people blocked the route of hostmachine to not have it locked

Ljubotina in the Kharkiv region activists blocked the road of national importance «Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky» in protest against the closure of a local hospital.

The comment to journalists about what happened was given by the head of the Kharkiv Department of police Igor Nazarenko, reports the Department of national police in the Kharkiv region.

«About this promotion we have been alerted and has taken appropriate measures, in particular, the transport they took to other highways. The activists were warned about criminal liability for obstruction of traffic on roads. Order during the promotion, which lasted from 13.00 to 15.30, guarded by two hundred policemen. Violations were recorded,» — said Nazarenko.

According to him, the main requirements of activists to save the local hospital and to establish the medical institution of intensive therapy.

However, in a network there were reports that the rally was attended by thousands of local residents: they are concerned about the intention of the authorities in the framework of the medical reform to pass lubotin city, with a population of 30 thousand persons for service in the neighboring valkivs’kyi district.

As said in the Kharkiv regional state administration, referring to the Deputy Chairman of HOAG Mikhail Chernyak, «the region is not closed by any one hospital, perhaps, some hospitals will be redeveloped, but no more.»

29 Jan Ljubotina was held in the city Council about medical reform, organized by public activists, including «Eastern world building», «Center development» and the initiative group «For the city of lyubotyn», which decided on 5 February to block the route Kharkov-Kiev.

Earlier, the Ministry of health noted that rumors about closure of hospitals is not true, because law is prohibited.

In Kharkiv the people blocked the route of hostmachine to not have it locked 06.02.2017

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