In Kharkiv burned refinery

In the village of Berezovka Zolochiv district, Kharkiv region this night there was a fire at the plant on processing of oil products. This UKRINFORM reported by the assistant head of the Main Department of civil service on emergency situations in Kharkiv region, Colonel Igor Lupandin.

«The message about the fire was received around midnight. Called bystanders, who saw the great glow of a fire», — said Lupandin.

He said that call came 2 the fire Department of Berezovka and 1 fire tanker. However, the exploration has been found that the burning capacity of fuel oil with a capacity of 20 cubic meters, and due to high temperature has occurred it is depressurized, the oil is spread on the area of 60 square meters around the tank and burned.

At a distance less than two meters were located the same capacity, which threatened an open flame. In the danger zone and got another 2 tanks with fuel oil with a volume of 10 cubic meters and 5 tanks with a volume of 1 cubic meter of spent fuel. Therefore, in the circumstances, was due to the 4 fire and rescue units from Kharkiv and Dergachi district.

The fire was liquidated at 6:10, there were no injuries.

According to Lupandina, in extinguishing the fire were involved in about 30 personnel of gschs and a team of volunteers.

In addition, the fire place worked the police and prosecutors. Circumstances of incident are specified.

Earlier, on 8 June 2015, in the storage unit of LLC «Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta», located in the village of Terns Vasilkovsky district fire occurred. Then killed five people, four of whom are lifeguards.

In Kharkiv burned refinery 30.01.2017

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