In Kansas the factory worker lawn mowers carnage: three dead, 14 wounded

In the USA there was another massacre: an employee of the company for the production of lawn mowers in Hesston (Kansas) shot the colleagues. As a result three people died and 14 were injured, according to referring to the Agency AR with reference to the statement by the County Sheriff Harvey T. Walton. Earlier it was reported that victims of shooting steel from four to seven people, and killed 20 to 30. The shooter was killed by law enforcement officers.

As a few days earlier in Michigan, the offender in Kansas made a fire in several places: first shot around from his car, then staged a shooting in the Parking lot of the factory, and after — on site or in the factory premises of Excel Industries.

City newspaper Hesston Record calls the name of the killer — according to colleagues, this is the Cedric Ford. He was armed with a «long weapon», presumably a rifle and a pistol.

Fox News clarifies that the crime scenes are considered four or five different zones.

The factory workers were told to gather in a nearby building for the census. The number of victims and victims is specified. According to a local TV KAKE, at least two people hospitalized in serious condition.

The nearest school passed in a closed mode against the background of reports about the shooting. There was a little less than 400 students.

Hesston is a town of about 3,700 people, is located 50 miles from Wichita — the largest settlement in the state of Kansas.

The right to gun ownership to citizens of the United States guarantee the second amendment to the Constitution. For the preservation of freedom of possession and carrying of weapons in full are traditionally the representatives of the Republican party and the powerful gun lobby.

Democrat Barack Obama throughout his presidency made attempts to toughen the legislation in sphere of control over arms trafficking in the United States. But Congress, where majority Republicans constantly reject these initiatives. Over time, the address of the President to the public became increasingly bitter. In early October, after the shooting at the College of Oregon, Obama stated: «somehow it (slaughter in public places) has become commonplace».

In July of last year, Obama admitted that the failure of attempted reform of the current legislation of the USA and strengthening was the major disappointment over the years in the White house.

The debate on limiting access to weapons is one of the important domestic political topic in the election campaign. Obama has previously stated he will not support the candidate of his party if he did not continue his efforts.

In Kansas the factory worker lawn mowers carnage: three dead, 14 wounded 26.02.2016

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