In Italy resumed the investigation against Berlusconi: paying prostitutes for their silence

Milan Prosecutor’s office resumed the investigation against the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, who is suspected of bribing witnesses in the case of using the services of underage prostitutes, according to La Repubblica.

According to the newspaper, Berlusconi until the end of November last year continued to pay money in exchange for false testimony in court in the so-called ruby’s four girls, who were under investigation. Money ex-Premier passed through a personal accountant , Giuseppe Spinelli, the article says. According to investigators, the girl received 10 payments of 2-3 million euros each, writes

The process in question was completed in July 2014. Then the court of appeal in Milan withdrew from the former Prime Minister accused of sexual relationship with underage Moroccan prostitute Karima El-Marug nicknamed ruby.

The court acquitted Berlusconi in connection with absence of structure of a crime. The court took note of the statements of advocates policy, according to which telephone conversations presented by the prosecution, does not mean that Berlusconi compel a person to prostitution or use of sexual services for money.

Silvio Berlusconi served three times as Prime Minister of Italy. In July 2015 he was found guilty of bribing the senators in 2007 to overthrow the government headed by Romano Prodi. The court of Naples sentenced him to three years imprisonment. Jail policies were not included, because, under Italian law, people in old age for minor crimes don’t go to jail.

Prior to this, Berlusconi has already been punished for financial fraud: he was sentenced to community service for one year. Initially, the court sentenced him to four years imprisonment. Later, the law on Amnesty the term was shortened to one year.

In Italy resumed the investigation against Berlusconi: paying prostitutes for their silence 27.01.2017

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