In Italy near the site of an avalanche crashed rescue helicopter

In Central Italy crashed rescue helicopter. On Board were six people. Data on victims yet, informs

The accident occurred on the other slopes of the mountain of Gran Sasso, located about 100 kilometers from the place where is search and rescue after avalanches at the hotel. According to Italian media reports, the helicopter was headed to a hospital in the capital of the province of L’aquila, to bring the injured skier. This Board did not participate in the evacuation of victims from gathering in these places a powerful avalanche.

Thick fog at the scene of the crash making it hard. Currently, several rescue teams are trying to get to the crash site. Eyewitnesses reported that before the fall of the helicopter was visible explosion.

According to the latest data, the number of victims after the avalanche has reached 14 people.

Yet the risk of new avalanches, but online services continue to monitor the situation.

The hotel, which is avalanche, located in the town of Farindola Italian province of Pescara and the Abruzzo region in the mountain range of Gran Sasso. Cause an avalanche were four earthquakes with magnitude 5 that occurred on Wednesday morning, as well as the tremors, which lasted for the day before and all night. The avalanche demolished the hotel, pushing it to 10 meters.

In Italy near the site of an avalanche crashed rescue helicopter 24.01.2017

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