In Istanbul arrested the alleged executor of the attack in the nightclub Reina. He pleaded guilty

A native of Uzbekistan Abdulqadir Masharipov, who had been named executor of the terrorist act in one of Istanbul’s Nightclubs on new year’s eve detained by Turkish police officers, reports «Interfax» with reference to Associated Press.

The suspect was arrested in the Western district of Istanbul, Esenyurt, during a police RAID. According to local media, Masharipov more than two weeks hiding in the apartment of a friend, writes

The Governor of Istanbul Kadir Topbas on Tuesday said that the detainee on charges of assaulting club «Reina» in the New year Abdulkadir Masharipov pleaded guilty, reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to TV channel si-EN-EN-Turk.

According to the Governor, stating that he was attacked, said his fingerprints, taken after his arrest.

Topbas also said that everything indicates that the attack was carried out on behalf of the «Islamic state». The Governor added that along with Masharipova was detained four Iraqi citizens — one man and three women. The apartment in which he lived Masharipov discovered 197 thousand US dollars.

After the arrest Masharipova Istanbul police conducted raids at 152 locations, just arrested 30 people.

About the identity Masharipova, also known as Abu Muhammad of Khorasan, it became known about a week ago. Turkish law enforcement authorities conducted a search operation throughout the country.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Weixi Kaynak January 5, said that the terrorist was able to leave the country, but called far more likely possibility of capture in the result of investigative actions within Turkey. The politician also said that during the attack the perpetrator acted alone, but he could be assistants.

Note that soon after the attack, Turkish police detained in Izmir province about 40 suspected of involvement in the attack. Among those detained were three families suspected of having links with the group «Islamic state» (ISIS), claimed responsibility for the attack, and the natives of Dagestan and Central Asia.

The terrorist attack in Istanbul’s Reina nightclub occurred on the night of January 1, 2017. Armed gunman opened fire from a machine gun, killing 39 people.

Among the victims were 25 foreigners, including a Russian woman Nurana Hasanova. Almost 70 people were injured, most of them remain in hospital, several people in serious condition. The gunman managed to escape.

In Istanbul arrested the alleged executor of the attack in the nightclub Reina. He pleaded guilty 17.01.2017

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