In Israel, the court convicted the soldier of the IDF in killing the attacker on his fellow Palestinians

A military Tribunal found the IDF soldier Elora Azariah guilty in the murder of Palestinians who attacked his colleagues with a knife. It is reported by a jellyfish.

The court found that Azaria had exceeded the limits of self-defense by shooting the Palestinian Fatah Abdul Sharif, who was wounded and lying on the ground without weapons.

The arguments of the soldier, who claimed that he shot the Palestinian in the head, as he feared that he could be wearing a belt with explosives, the court did not consider persuasive. Were also rejected other defense arguments, including the requirement for verification of the authenticity of the video with the murder of a Palestinian, became the basis for the investigation.

In the text of the court verdict noted that the court has decided to reject all the arguments of the defense. «The intention of Elora Azariah shoot the terrorist and unjustifiable actions of the soldier is proved beyond doubt,» reads the court’s decision. The judge said: «One of the main components of the judicial decision is the phrase said by Elora Azarias: «Terrorist deserves death.»

The court rejected the conclusion of Professor Yehuda bundle branch block, according to which the terrorist was dead at the time when he shot Elor Azariah. The judge also stated that «the defendant tried to assert the two contradictory versions, he claimed that the shot, sensing the danger, and that the terrorist was dead at the time of the shot.»

The punishment of Uzziah, the Tribunal will be elected in the near future. On charges of murder he faces up to 20 years in prison.

As marks the arguments of defence and prosecution on the issue of punishment the court will hear on January 15. The soldier’s lawyers said they intend to appeal the court’s decision. In turn, the representative of the military Prosecutor’s office Colonel Nadav Weissman said: «Azariah is a felony and he is convicted in military court and in accordance with the law. The court’s decision speaks for itself».

The office of the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin issued a message in which he commented on submitted to the President requests for Amnesty Elora Azariah. The report said that under the existing procedure, the President may consider the request for Amnesty only if it is filed by the convict or his close relatives, and only after the verdict. According to the media, to the President asking for the Amnesty of a soldier turned Minister of culture and sports, Miri Regev.

In front of a military Tribunal passes sentence soldier, clashes broke out between protesters, who spoke in support of Azariah and the police.

Earlier it was reported that in Israel, the Palestinian terrorists, armed with machetes, committed a series of attacks on citizens

In Israel, the court convicted the soldier of the IDF in killing the attacker on his fellow Palestinians 05.01.2017

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