In Israel, in Haifa broke out strong fires: 100 victims, 75 thousand evacuated. Authorities announced arson

In Israel, about 75 thousand inhabitants of several districts of Haifa, and the neighboring settlements were evacuated due to heavy fire, which began on November 23. As reports the newspaper Jerusalem Post, a few buildings burned down, writes «Gordon».

Evacuated University of Haifa and a kindergarten. The fire spread to forests in the vicinity of Haifa.

Authorities believe that there have been several intentional arson.

The Israeli security Agency announced the arrest of four suspects. However, it became known that where firefighters extinguished the fire, there was a new fire, probably, also became the handiwork of arsonists.

To extinguish fires involve all specialized aviation of Israel. At the request of the government, fire the aircraft was promised to help Greece, Cyprus and Russia.

As informs around 9:30 on the streets Holtz and Henkin in Haifa, a fierce fire broke out. The second channel ITV announced the beginning of evacuation and the residents of the area Ahuza. Discontinued studies in Haifa University, students and faculty evacuated.

Only in Haifa there are 30 calculations of fire protection, and the city sent additional forces.

It is reported that in Haifa, blowing a strong easterly wind, which contributes to the rapid spread of fire. Hospital of Haifa translated in an operation mode in emergency mode. In hospital admissions are reinforced brigade of doctors.

In the morning a fire broke out in the forest near Umm El Fahm. The place was targeted six firefighting aircraft and eight calculations of fire protection. Rescuers partially evacuated residents.

As of 13:30, have been completely or partially evacuated residents of the 11 districts of Haifa. In connection with the distribution of forest fires in Haifa and the surrounding area were evacuated about 600 prisoners and about 150 guards of the two prisons.

Later it became known that the Haifa airport has ceased to accept and send civilian flights. The airport handles only planes of fire aircraft.

Fires continues in other parts of Israel. According to 19:00 in Haifa in connection with the threat of fires evacuated 75 thousand people. At night in the evacuated areas of the city will be placed 800 police officers to prevent looting.

At approximately 17:30 became aware of the fact that the fire of the Bush near the village of karnei Shomron led to the fire in a minefield. Several explosions. The members of the fire service and the military began to extinguish the fire.

Recall that in December 2010 in the vicinity of Haifa was raging one of the largest in the country’s history of forest fires. Was then evacuated more than 13 thousand people.

In Israel, in Haifa broke out strong fires: 100 victims, 75 thousand evacuated. Authorities announced arson 24.11.2016

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