In India, the doctors saved the man, pulling out of his stomach 40 knives

The uncontrollable urge to swallow Cutlery led police from the sacred to the Sikhs of Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab on the operating table. Only in the last two months of a 42-year-old the Surdzhit Singh swallowed 28 knives. All surgeons found in his stomach 40 knives, some of which were sharp, and others have begun to rust and break.

The biggest surprise is the fact that the patient is still alive, says ANI News. Doctor the Dzhitendry Malhotra told reporters that the man came to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain and weight loss.

«We had no information about his diagnosis. When we started diagnostics and laboratory research, it became clear that this is an unusual case. When it was done ultrasound examination, it is found that inside the stomach, there is some solid object, suggestive of cancer,» says the surgeon.

The doctors tried to do a biopsy and came across sharp knives that were inside of the stomach. Then, the patient admitted that she feels uncontrollable desire to swallow knives.

Dr. Malhotra has assembled a team of five surgeons. It took them five hours to get from the patient and metal objects.

«He had a wild desire to consume the metal. Even us experienced surgeons, it was very scary. We were so nervous. The slightest mistake could kill the patient. In twenty years of practice I have never seen anything like it,» admitted the surgeon CNN.

According to him, the police had to swallow Jack-knives, which in the unfolded state reached 18 inches in length. Operated the man said he swallowed the blades folded, but some of them were extracted from the stomach open, with some of the knives had time to rust and break.

Sink, which, incidentally, has two children, told reporters that now feels much better. «I’m sorry I’ve caused so much trouble his family. And will be forever grateful to the doctors and hospital staff for saving my life,» he says.

The life of a police officer is now out of danger, and he could leave the hospital two days ago, but will not be able to do that before you speak with a psychiatrist.

«I don’t know why I used to swallow knives. I just enjoyed their taste, and addicted — as people get used to alcohol and so on. Yeah, I think my situation is similar,» explains the man. Reportedly, he was able to hide his unusual habit from family, but now he firmly decided never to touch the knives.

«I would never do anything like that. I’m a new man» — he promises.

Who operated on his surgeon believes that the patient has a very rare mental disorder which may not be described in any medical journal. To test this hypothesis, it was decided to involve independent experts in the field of mental health.

Note modern psychiatry are familiar with the disorder called allotriophagy, in which patients often ingest dangerous and sharp objects like glass, nails, clay, glue, knives. It is believed that the disease can be due to deficiency of various mineral substances in the body.

Earlier in India, the doctors took out a lung a twelve year old boy live fish.

In India, the doctors saved the man, pulling out of his stomach 40 knives 22.08.2016

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