In Iceland formed a new government

In Iceland, three center-right parties agreed on the formation of the government, will also be appointed Prime Minister.

On Tuesday 10 January, reports Iceland Monitor.

«Government agreement was reached yesterday between the independence Party, the reform Party and the party «Bright future». Today will be appointed Ministers in the new government, and the leader of the independence Party of Bjarni Benediktsson will become Prime Minister»,- stated in the message.

According to Reuters, the coalition will together have 32 seats out of 63 in the Parliament. The independence party would get 21 seats, making it the largest in the coalition. However, it opposed EU membership, while two other parties support this idea.

The agreement means the political deadlock since the national elections in October, says the Agency.

In November, three parties failed to form a coalition. The «left green» and «Pirate party» also made an unsuccessful attempt to form a government before I returned the mandate the party of independence.

We will remind, at the end of October 2016, Prime Minister of Iceland Sigurdur Inga Johansson announced his resignation after he headed the Progressive party lost a large part of voter support.

In Iceland formed a new government 10.01.2017

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