In Greece workers go on strike media

Greek journalists hold today 24-hour strike, speaking against government plans to reform the insurance system and pension reform. Strike media is held within the framework of the General strike, declared the largest trade unions in the country — the Supreme Council of the trade Union of the public sector and the General labour Confederation of Greece, reports Greek Reporter.

«The media sector will be on strike from 6:00am Wednesday to 6:00 Thursday morning, so they will be able to provide coverage of the General strike, which will begin on Thursday», — said the organizers of the event.

The media need to be saved in Fund of insurance of publishers, editors and press workers as independent Fund mass media with the participation of all categories of workers in the industry.

According to the jurors ‘ decisions of the Council of the Greek Federation of journalists, the strike will involve all the public and private media — Newspapers, TV, radio. Also the protest was joined by technical members of the media.

We will remind, in public Greek 48-hour strike which will begin on Thursday morning and will last until Saturday morning, will also be attended by lawyers, notaries, truck drivers, doctors, pharmacists. Drivers of public tarnsport went on strike on 2 February.

In Greece workers go on strike media 03.02.2016

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