In Germany, died on the destroyer of the Berlin wall

In Germany has died, a former German journalist and politician günter Schabowski, who played a key role in the events that have led to the fall of the Berlin wall. He died on 1 November in a nursing home in Berlin at the age of 86, reports the German newspaper Spiegel.

In 1989, Schabowski was a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the ruling Socialist unity party of Germany (SED). Five days before the fall of the Berlin wall, he took the newly created post of Secretary of the SED Central Committee on information. On 9 November 1989 at a press conference, broadcast live on television of the GDR, he announced a new free movement of East German citizens abroad, reports DW.

This decision should enter into force the following day. However, the party leader of Berlin, who was ordered to make a Declaration on television, knew nothing about it and stated that it is effective immediately, reports To the question of the Italian journalist Riccardo Ehrmann ofwhen this order comes into force, Schabowski suddenly said, «Now, immediately».

As a result, hundreds of thousands of residents of the capital of the GDR rushed to the wall and proceeded to its destruction. Only for the first few days, Germany was visited by more than three million residents of East Germany. Border fortifications still some time remained on the spot, but on 1 July 1990, East Germany moved to the Deutsche mark, and 3 October 1990 the two Germanys merged. The German Democratic Republic ceased to exist and the Berlin wall was finally taken down. Today these small areas that it was decided to preserve as a monument.

Became a historic press conference Schabowski on 9 November 1989 I watched only future Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. She later recalled: «I immediately ran down there and, like thousands of others, crossed the border checkpoint to the West,» recalled the Chancellor. The fact of the fall of the Berlin wall she called «indescribable event.»

In 1990, Schabowski was expelled from the Party of democratic socialism, formed from the SED. According to exclude its members, it «mutated from 150% Communist 150 interest of anti-Communist», reports Radio Liberty.

In 1997 in the United Germany Schabowski was sentenced to three years in prison as an accessory to the allegations of the order that allowed the GDR border guards to shoot those who tried to escape people. But after years in prison he was pardoned and released.

In recent years, active life Schabowski returned to his profession of a journalist. He was married to a Russian, a good command of the Russian language. Unlike many well-known politicians of the GDR, Schabowski did not deny responsibility and moral guilt for the political developments in East Germany. He became a supporter of the Christian democratic Union headed by Angela Merkel — a former employee of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, who began his political career under the impression the fall of the Berlin wall.

In Germany, died on the destroyer of the Berlin wall 02.11.2015

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