In Germany banned neo-Nazi group «White wolves»

Germany’s interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere banned neo-Nazi group called «the Terror brigade White wolves» (Weiße Wölfe Terrorcrew). The decision to ban was preceded by police raids against members of the organization in ten Federal länder, according to Deutsche Welle.

«This group of neo-Nazis openly propagated hatred to our government, to society, to people with other political views, refugees and the police… This group openly acknowledged devotion to national socialism and to the dictatorship for this model,» — said de Mezieres.

During the carried-out searches in places of gathering of the «wolves» the police found firearms and crossbows.

The core of the group, according to de maizière, was 25 people, and the leader of the team — from Hamburg. It is unknown how many supporters were in groups.

The group was formed in 2008, the police in 2009 conducted a special operation against its members. In 2012 the Prosecutor’s office started an investigation in relation to the recognition of the group as a terrorist organization, but in 2014 the case was closed for lack of evidence. According to German intelligence, in 2014 the team were active throughout Germany.

In Germany banned neo-Nazi group «White wolves» 17.03.2016

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