In France, the explosion at the nuclear plant, there are victims

In the North-West of France in the Basse-Normandie region explosion at a nuclear power plant «Haubourdin», the newspaper reports Ouest-France. The incident occurred on Thursday, February 9, at around 10 am writes .

The Local France writes about several injured in the blast, Ouest-France is about three wounded. L’express reported, citing AFP that no serious injuries received, but five people suffered intoxication.

In the Prefecture reported that the explosion occurred in the engine room of a nuclear power plant outside the nuclear zone. The emergency plan provided for protection of the population, Cycling was not necessary.

According to preliminary data, the danger of radioactive contamination, reports Reuters. At the place of work medics, special action to rescue situation does not require.

«This is a significant technical event, but not the nuclear accident because the explosion happened outside the nuclear zone,» the newspaper quoted Le Monde press Secretary of the Prefecture Olivier Marmion.

He confirmed that «five people slightly poisoned».

Nuclear power plants, «Haubourdin», located on the shore of the English channel is 23 km from Cherbourg. The plant was founded in 1979 and commissioned in 1985. Emergency at nuclear power plants has happened before: 25 Oct 2012 there has been a radiation leak inside one of the reactors. Then it also did not cause serious consequences, as the unit at the time of the accident was in the last stage of restart after completing maintenance and refueling.

Currently under construction of the third reactor. 10 years ago in France held mass protests against these plans.

In France, the explosion at the nuclear plant, there are victims 09.02.2017

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