In France appeared the road with solar panels instead of asphalt for 5 million euros

The Ministry of ecology of France launched the world’s first highway with a coating made of solar panels. According to the Minister of ecology ségolène Royal, the road can produce enough electricity to fuel all the village street lights.

About it reports The Guardian.

«Sunny road» with a length of one kilometer earned in the village Turover-AU-Perche in Normandy.

The road is to operate in test mode. As expected, each day will pass on average two thousand different vehicles. After two years, the Ministry of ecology intends to evaluate the effectiveness and the resource «solar roads.» In case the Agency comes to the conclusion that the road paid for itself and shown a good resource, solar panels will pave thousands of miles of French highway.

In the settlements today, there are many surfaces that could be used to generate electricity. In particular, cities located in the Sunny places of the Earth, on the roof installed solar panels that provide homes with electricity.

In France, specialists of the Ministry of ecology decided that the road can also be adapted for installing solar panels. On paved roads it took 2.8 thousand square meters of solar panels. The cost of consumables, panels and the work amounted to a total of about five million euros.

The power of the «solar road» in Turov-AU-Perche, is not specified. With 2014 in the Dutch town Krommeni operates the 70-meter stretch of bike paths, covered with solar panels. For its construction the government spent three million euros. This track has developed a three thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity. The money spent on its construction, it was possible to pay for 520 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity.

At the end of October this year, the American company Tesla Motors has introduced a new solar panel, made in the form of shingles for the roof. According to the company, the new «solar roof» will cost less than conventional coatings without regard to the benefits from electricity generation. Tesla stated that to reduce the cost of solar panels will be possible by eliminating middlemen from the production chain.

Note, in Kiev will soon have the first «smart street» with a panic button and solar panels.

In France appeared the road with solar panels instead of asphalt for 5 million euros 26.12.2016

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