In France allegedly found a Nude study of the «Mona Lisa» da Vinci

In France found a portrait of a naked woman, who presumably was written by the artist Leonardo da Vinci is a sketch of his famous «Mona Lisa». About it reports BBC News.

Pattern known as «Monna the bath» from 1862 was in the collection of art of the Renaissance. Previously it was thought that he was not da Vinci, and in his Studio.

However, experts of the Museum of the Louvre came to the conclusion that the sketch was created by a famous artist. In particular, experts pointed to the similarity of the sizes of the portraits of the «Mona Lisa» and «Monna the Bath», as well as practical identical to the outlines of hands and women’s bodies.

The experts found on the contour of the graphic pattern of small holes. This may indicate that the sketch was used as a stencil when you transfer to canvas.

The specialists say that part of the «Monna the Bath» made man on the right of the working hand, while da Vinci was left-handed.

Final conclusions will be made, when the complete examination.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) Italian artist, scientist and inventor, one of the greatest artists of the High Renaissance.

«Mona Lisa» or «Mona Lisa» – one of the most famous works of art in the world. It is kept in the Louvre Museum (France).

In France allegedly found a Nude study of the «Mona Lisa» da Vinci 29.09.2017

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