In France against Sarkozy began a new investigation

Against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy began a new investigation on the financing of the election campaign. This was reported by the Prosecutor’s office, the BBC reported.

Under French law, a new investigation means that Sarkozy is now suspected in the case of campaign Finance. While formal charges against him are not yet filed.

According to the BBC, Sarkozy was questioned all day on February 16 in the magistrates ‘ court. Only after that in Prosecutor’s office reported that he became a suspect in a criminal case on the presidential campaign of 2012.

It is about investigation PR Agency Bygmalion, which was engaged in information support of election campaign of Sarkozy. According to the investigation, the funding was done via fake accounts to cover the excess of the maximum permitted by law of the budget of the presidential candidate. According to some estimates, the amount of funds drawn through Bigmalion reaches about 10-11 million euros.

In 2013, France’s constitutional court ruled that the presidential campaign of Sarkozy in 2012 spent more money than he allows in this case the law. This judgment means that the party that nominated him, could not count on compensation of expenses, and in addition, had to pay a fine.

The Bygmalion scandal unfolded with the filing attorney Patrick Maisonnave, which publicly admitted the fact of fraud with the accounts and stated that they were made at the request of the party and suggested her scheme. The present case is due to the fact that is believed by law enforcement agencies, a penalty imposed by the court, had to pay Sarkozy and not his party «Union for a popular movement».

This is not the first scandal of the election campaign Sarkozy. So, last year police raided the ex-Minister of internal Affairs of the country Claude Geana in the case of funding for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi election campaign Sarkozy in 2007. In March 2012 the independent news Agency Mediapart published a document which said that Gaddafi allegedly sent by Sarkozy on his election campaign 50 million euros.

In France against Sarkozy began a new investigation 17.02.2016

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