In France, a man attacked a nursing home.

Man armed with knife and shotgun, broke into the nursing home in the city Monpere-sur-Le on the South-West of France. Reported by the Daily Mail.

In this house live about 70 pensioners, monks, who had previously been missionaries in Africa.

Before you enter the building, the attacker tied up the security guard. It was an elderly woman who allegedly stabbed her. Also killed another man.

Eyewitnesses say that the building was heard shooting.

The police, who immediately arrived at the scene, said that at least 59 monks saved. Looking for an attacker.

The motives of the perpetrator is unknown. However, as noted, there is no reason to say that it was a terrorist attack.

Previously unknown in France, with a knife attacked a Ukrainian human rights activist.

In France, a man attacked a nursing home. 25.11.2016

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