In four areas remains limited traffic on the roads

In connection with the bad weather restrictions of movement in four regions of Ukraine – Kherson, Volyn, Khmelnytskyi and Zakarpattia. It is reported the morning of 9 February, the State service for emergency situations with reference to Ukravtodor.

In the Kherson region due to Kiddle and ice restricted movement for all categories of vehicles on the public road T-04-03 Marianski – Berislav – (R-47), for all slowness of the Kherson region (from km 3+868 – km 98+768).

In the Volyn region because of snowfall, blizzards and strong wind on the road T-18-02 (M-07) – Mayunychi – Great – Osnytsia – Krasnovolia – Splitting – (R-14) – Capilla – Face – Torchin – Skline – (H-17), km 110 — km 117 (Torchin – Bilistic) traffic closed to all modes of transport.

In Transcarpathia due to overflow of water still blocked traffic on a local road-071207 Uzhgorod – Damici, km 18+000 road section of 150-200 meters across the river Latoritsa, is the detour.

In Khmelnytsky due to icy conditions restricted the movement of heavy trucks and buses on the local roads.

Earlier Kharkov marmot Timka predicted the beginning of real spring in mid-March.

In four areas remains limited traffic on the roads 09.02.2017

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