In five regions of Ukraine due to the bad weather restricted the movement of large machines

In connection with deterioration of weather conditions on some highways temporarily restricted the movement of bulky, heavy and passenger transport. According to the State service for emergency situations with reference to the «Ukravtodor».

So, in Kyiv from 7 to 10 a.m. February 7, again a restriction of movement for heavy vehicles.

6 Feb rescuers towed 15 heavy-duty vehicles.
In the Kiev region has 2 mobile heating points for drivers: Boryspil highway in the district of the KP, in the direction of Borispol; Gostomel highway in the district of the KP, in the direction of the City. They can warm up and drink hot tea, informs SSES.

In Cherkassy region since Monday restricted movement of oversized and heavy transport on public roads: M-05 Kyiv – Odessa (km 143 + 028 – km 274 + 360); H-01 Kyiv – Znamenka (km 123 + 850 – km 241 + 622); 08 Boryspil – Dnipropetrovsk – Zaporizhzhia (through Kremenchuk) (km 81+300 – km 169+117).

In Khmelnytskyi region also restricted the movement of heavy trucks and buses on the local roads.

In addition, in the Transcarpathian region in connection with the water overflow through the road surface temporarily blocked traffic on a local road-071207 Uzhgorod – Damici, km 18+000 road section of 150-200 meters across the river Latoritsa. Installed road signs with the direction of the detour and the ban movement.

However, in the Zhytomyr region resumed the movement of heavy vehicles on the roads of state importance M-06 Kyiv – Chop M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodin.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine declared a storm warning in connection with difficult weather conditions.

According to the Weather UNIAN, February 7 in most regions of Ukraine are expected rainfall. Coldest is in the East — to -14 gr. In the capital today will be snow day -10. Wind East up to 6.6 m/s.

In Lviv, 7 February snowfall is expected, air temperature at -2°. Wind East and North-East, moderate.

In luck today precipitation is expected. The day temperature -7 gr. Wind East to 6.8 m/s.

According to weather forecasts, in Vinnytsia on Tuesday will be snow. Temperature -7 gr. Wind East, weak.

Odessa today promise cloudy weather, the day temperature is +1 C, wind East and North-East, up to 8.7 m/s.

In Kharkov without precipitation. Temperature is up to -13, wind East moderate.

In Simferopol today, partly cloudy. The day temperature is +13. Wind variable up to 4.8 m/s.

In the river the snowfall. The air temperature is -10. Wind East and North-East, moderate.

Residents of Mariupol snow, the temperature during the day -5. Wind North-East, to 8.1 m/s.

In Kramatorsk on Monday partly cloudy, afternoon -12. The northeast wind was weak.

In Severodonetsk without precipitation, the temperature is -13 in the afternoon. Wind North-East, up to 4.9 m/s.

In five regions of Ukraine due to the bad weather restricted the movement of large machines 07.02.2017

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