In Finland, the law banned «little green men»

In Finland July 15, entered into force amendments to the law on territorial surveillance and changes to the criminal law providing for measures in respect of war unmarked. It is reported Yle.

July 9 these documents are signed by the President of the country Sauli Niinistö.

Finnish authorities will have expanded powers in the case when the country’s security will be threatened by a group of soldiers without insignia.

This group refers to the organized, equipped and armed by the military, which act either directly in the interests of a foreign state, or on behalf of, or with the consent of that state.

The law provides for the ban to enter Finland and stay in the country. Violation of the prohibition will be punished in accordance with the criminal code.

Such military called «green men», that contains a reference to the green uniforms of the Russian army.

Dressed in military green uniforms without insignia took part in the capture of the Crimea in February–March 2014.

In Finland, the law banned «little green men» 15.07.2017

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