In Facebook Messenger, will appear is

The developers of Facebook Messenger announced the imminent launch of the possibility of placing commercial ads in the app. This is stated in the official blog of the service.

The advertisement is placed on the main tab of the messenger between the dialogues. If desired, the user can click on an ad and instantly go to the website of the brand or to start a conversation with his representative.

Parameters of advertising will depend on the screen size of the smartphone, and the amount of saved conversations.

Advertisers will get access to a new tool before the end of July 2017. At the same time in different regions of the world start functions will happen gradually.

Until now this function was only tested in Australia and Thailand.

According to journalists The Wall Street Journal, this move by Facebook is due to the search of ways to monetize the company’s services and a slowdown in revenue growth from the social network.

Social network Facebook was founded in 2004. Today it is most popular in the world. At the end of August 2015 one day to the network for the first time 1 billion people. As of June 2017, the number of Facebook users reached 2 billion people.

In Facebook Messenger, will appear is 12.07.2017

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