In Europe during the outbreaks of measles died 35 people — who

Over the past 12 months as a result of measles outbreaks in Europe have died at 35. On 11 July, the press service of the world health organization in a release at the disposal of the edition «GORDON».

The last fatal incident – the death of six children in Italy, where since June of 2016 has recorded more than 3,300 cases of measles and two deaths. One person died from measles in Germany and Portugal.

In Romania, according to the national health authority, the disease led to a 31-death experience.

«Each death or disability caused by this disease that is preventable by vaccination, is an unacceptable tragedy,» – said the Director for Europe who regional office for Europe Zsuzsanna Jakob.

Jacob said that the who is concerned about the fact that measles remains a major cause of child mortality, despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines.

July 4, the press service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine reported that in 2017 measles in Ukraine fell ill 962 people, of which 473 in June.

June 15, Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine Oksana Sivak said that Ukraine has enough measles vaccine to inoculate children. At the same time, she noted that the Ministry of health is working to procure vaccine for adults.

Measles – an acute infectious viral disease with a high level of receptivity. The main symptoms of the disease – high fever, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and the upper respiratory tract and conjunctivitis, maculopapular rash of the skin and General intoxication.

According to the world health organization, in 2015, died of measles 134,2 thousand people, most of them children under the age of five years.

In November 2016, who warned of a possible epidemic of measles in Ukraine due to the low level of vaccination of children.

In Europe during the outbreaks of measles died 35 people — who 11.07.2017

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