In Estonia half of the labour migrants — Ukrainians

In 2016, the police and border guard Board of Estonia gave an urgent residence permit for work 1807 the citizens of third countries. 1030 of them are citizens of Ukraine. It is reported portal of the national broadcasting EPP, citing data from the Department.

More likely to work in Estonia in 2016 arrived citizens of Ukraine, they accounted for 57% of the total number of labour migrants who received residence permit (1030 people from 1807). Just on a work visa in 2016 in Estonia worked 1226 Ukrainians. It should be noted that Ukrainians constituted the majority of migrants in previous years (60% in 2015, 57% in 2014).

«If to speak about the citizens of Ukraine, who came to Estonia to work, most of them workers involved in the installation of equipment and skilled workers employed in enterprises linked to the construction sector and ship repair, as well as seasonal workers who were employed in the agricultural sector», — said the head of the office of migration Department of police and border guard Board Mage Lapp.

She said that recently significantly increased the number of Ukrainians who came to Estonia to work in the status of a leading specialist.
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In second place for labour migrants are Russians: in 2016, Estonia moved 302 people (14% of the total). This figure is also quite stable (in previous years — 17%, 15%).

Earlier it was reported that in Poland doubled the number of Ukrainian workers.

In Estonia half of the labour migrants — Ukrainians 27.01.2017

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