In Eastern rite Christians — Hungry kutia

On the eve of the Epiphany, Christians of the Eastern rite celebrate the Evening of Baptism, which is popularly referred to as Epiphany or Christmas Eve Hungry kutey.

Before Christmas dinner, the believers all day, adhere to strict fasting and in the evening, when the sky appears the first star, the family gathers at the festive table.

Like a Rich Christmas pudding at the hungry cook only meatless meals, but in smaller amounts (kutya and uzvar, dumplings with cabbage, pancakes with butter, beans, all soaked, sourdough, etc.).

On 18 January in churches is a festive divine service, and also performed the great blessing of the water, which should first consume during the Holy supper with prayer, sprinkle it all members of the family, yard, house. This water has the same healing power as the water, consecrated on January 19, which is called the Jordan — cures physical and spiritual illnesses, does not deteriorate and lasts for a long time.

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In Eastern rite Christians — Hungry kutia 18.01.2017

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