In Eastern ghouta used chemical weapons — the Syrian-American medical society

In the area of Eastern ghouta in Syria has been a chemical attack, said «Russian service of BBC» employees of the Syrian-American medical society, working in the field.

According to employees of non-profit organizations (NPOs), in a hospital in Eastern ghouta were from 14 to 16 people with symptoms of poisoning chemical, probably chlorine. Among the victims – men, women and children. According to the organization, died, one child who is in hospital with poisoning.

In the center of monitoring of violations of human rights, based in Britain, confirmed the admission of patients with breathing problems and the death of a child. To confirm the fact that the gas attack, they can’t.

The war in Syria lasts since 2011. The fighting involved government forces, the opposition, radical Islamists, Kurds and the militants of the «Islamic state». To conflict at different times joined the armed forces of the United States, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Eastern ghouta is one of the last territories in Syria, which remains under rebel control and subjected to bombardment by the Syrian air force with the support of the military space forces of Russia. The region has a ceasefire.

The resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on February 24, calls upon all parties to the conflict in Syria to immediately cease hostilities throughout the country to be able freely to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate the sick and wounded.

Syrian monitoring centre for human rights February 25 reported that after the adoption of UN security Council resolutions shelling of Eastern ghouta has not stopped. According to the monitoring center, February 18 victims of air strikes and artillery fire in the Damascus area became at least 519 people, including 127 children and 75 women.

In Eastern ghouta used chemical weapons — the Syrian-American medical society 26.02.2018

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