In Eastern Aleppo after air strikes destroyed all the hospitals

In militant-controlled Eastern Syrian city of Aleppo after days of airstrikes destroyed all the hospitals, reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the health care system of the city.

«The destruction of infrastructure such that city dwellers, including the elderly and children are deprived of basic health care. In fact, they were left to die», — quotes Reuters the representative of the city authorities.

At the same time the human rights organization «Syrian Observatory for human rights» noted that in the unoccupied part of the city there are several medical institutions, but to get to them is impossible because of constant shelling.

Interlocutors of Agency note that the hospital was destroyed, including due to a direct hit by bombs and shells in the air strikes. But if the doctors were able to restore the hospitals after the bombing, now it is harder to do — the intensity of the shelling in recent days intensified due to the attempts of the authorities to «reveal the places of clusters of terrorists».

As reported, on 18 November, the UN stated that in the Eastern part of Aleppo in the warehouses of the UN ran out of food. The humanitarian organization’s staff can’t get to Eastern Aleppo, inhabited by about 275 thousand people.

According to the report of the UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon on the humanitarian situation in Syria, East of Aleppo is one of the 16 besieged settlements in Syria. In total, the blockade the country is home to more than 970 thousand people. As reported, ban Ki-moon, in October only 286 thousand of them managed to deliver humanitarian aid.

The report also provides data of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights on the victims among civilians in October. According to him, last month in Syria have killed more than 400 civilian, most of them as a result of airstrikes and shelling.

In Eastern Aleppo after air strikes destroyed all the hospitals 19.11.2016

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