In Donetsk, the militants voluntarily-forcibly collect a rally against police mission, OSCE

Tomorrow, June 10, in the center of Donetsk it is planned to conduct a large-scale rally-March against police peacekeeping mission of the OSCE. This became known from forms that before were distributed to all educational institutions of Donetsk, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya and Head, as well as to state enterprises, informs «Island» with reference to own source.

The document States that «all students and staff are invited to the procession, which is dedicated to the protest».

Is hereinafter referred to as the present quota, which necessarily obliged to provide each Dean from his faculty. The same system extended to the «Republican» posts, mines, «state» factories and in hospitals. The procession is planned to attract at least 10 thousand people.

As reported, Petro Poroshenko in late March, has declared its readiness to hold the elections on the temporarily occupied part of the Donbass in the presence of a component of international security.

On 1 June the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev said that the Russian side gave consent to the deployment of armed police mission in the Donbas and noted that some critics argue that Kiev’s wishful thinking. «Actually it is not, I stress again that we have a clear record of all telephone conversations that include the consent of the President of Russia on the placement of armed police mission of the OSCE. The only thing I will mention is that the leaders really did not discuss details because it is supposed to do experts and specialists in order to develop and provide appropriate proposals for approval of the heads of the countries «Norman four», — said Elisha.

According to him, during the last telephone conversation in «Channel format» on the night of may 23 certain agreements were reached, which, unfortunately, were not implemented because Russia has blocked and ignored all planned in this context.

In turn, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia on the location of paramilitary mission in Ukraine in the Donbas did not give consent and that these issues should be discussed in appropriate formats.

In Donetsk, the militants voluntarily-forcibly collect a rally against police mission, OSCE 10.06.2016

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