In Dnipropetrovsk the editor of the local website burned car

In Kamenskoye (former Kiev) Dnepropetrovsk region on the night of Sunday, unknown persons burned the car of the chief editor of the local website and the newspaper «City 5692» Sergey Guzya.

As of today, February 12, reports the first fire was noticed by neighbors, they helped to extinguish it. Arrived on the scene investigative team established traces of arson of the car.

The arson happened around 4 o’clock in the morning. The car caught fire in several places.

«Judging by the traces, unknowns (or unknown) threw in the trunk a plastic bottle with an incendiary mix, and from there the fire spread throughout the car», — writes the edition.

On the fact of arson is under investigation. He GUZ connects the arson to his professional activities.

«I have no doubt that the car burned because of our honest and professional work. Some influential people in town didn’t like how we cover events in Kamenskoye», — he said.

«In recent weeks the editor was under pressure to prevent release of the newspaper «City 5692″, to stop the investigation, conducted by the editorial Board. A few days ago I wondered if anything had happened with my car. I think that our last post about how using manipulations trying to withdraw from some of the city Council of deputies – not everyone liked it,» added GUZ.

We will note, in November 2016 in Odessa two unknown persons burned a car
a local leader of the «Automaidan», leaving the machine «Molotov cocktail».

In Dnipropetrovsk the editor of the local website burned car 12.02.2017

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