In Dnipropetrovsk region honored the memory of Nigoyan, and in Belarus — Zhiznevsky

In the village Bereznuvativka Dnipropetrovsk region honored the memory of the first victim during the revolution of dignity, the hero of the Heavenly hundreds of Sergei Nigoyan. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

In Belarus honored the memory of Hero of the Heavenly Hundreds Zhiznevsky

To honor the memory of relatives gathered, the villagers, the head of the region, the participants of the revolution of dignity, members of social organizations. The priests chanted a prayer for the deceased. The monument in honour of Serhiy Nigoyan laid flowers.

Along with Nigoyan, the participants also honored the memory of his countryman, who died in ATO, volunteer Arthur Miskivburied in the same cemetery.

The memory of the hero of Heavenly hundred commemorated also in the river, in the temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Armenian community organized the laying of flowers at the khachkar (memorial stone) and a candle-lighting ceremony, and also presented a documentary film about Sergei Nigoyan in the building of the Armenian cultural center.

«Sergey since the childhood was distinguished by his Patriotic feelings. First there was the fascination with Armenia. He even often Armenian flag carried. Explore the culture of their historic homeland. However, to visit Armenia in the Sergei never had even dreamed. And then his patriotism more and more started to become Ukrainian. And to this he reacted with his usual fervor. Nigoyan was very fond of the poetry of Taras Shevchenko, some of them knew by heart», — told in the Armenian community of the Dnieper.

Earlier in high school, where he studied Nigoyan, presented the corner of his memory: in the study of the Ukrainian language and literature — a large portrait of the deceased surrounded by things from the Maidan, tires, helmets, flags and the like. Some of the exhibits are personal belongings of Sergey provided by his parents.

20-year-old Ukrainian of Armenian origin Sergey Nigoyan died from gunshot wounds in Kyiv during the revolution of dignity the night on 22 January 2014. He was the first of the protesters killed in the capital’s Maidan during the confrontations between activists and police officers.

In Belarus honored the memory of Hero of the Heavenly Hundreds Zhiznevsky

At the cemetery in Gomel district, activists of opposition parties and public associations from Minsk, Svetlogorsk, Bobruisk and Gomel honored the memory of the buried here of hero of the Heavenly Hundreds of Mikhail Zhiznevsky. This is reported «Belarusian news».

During the ceremonies, the victim’s father noted that his son died for freedom not only in Ukraine, but also Belarus. He added that Ukrainians are freedom — loving people, and these are different from Belarusians.

«For that fought on the Maidan. So today I want to say that we are not cattle, as we believe the government and the people. And now we have every foreman is a little dictator and the Prince. More than three not to gather, activists and journalists, raising the militia, and ordinary laborers working in three shifts for a hundred dollars. People turned into slaves, do not know who is to blame, and so quarrel among themselves, although we need to unite and fight for their dignity as fighting Ukrainians. and we have people lost their dignity,» said. senior.

As you know, Zhiznevsky was killed on 22 January 2014 on Hrushevskoho street in Kiev with a heart shot. He became one of the first victims of the confrontation with the security forces.

In Dnipropetrovsk region honored the memory of Nigoyan, and in Belarus — Zhiznevsky 23.01.2017

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