In Dnepropetrovsk the city Council created the Pro-mayor majority. The Governor promises support

The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov announced the creation of the majority of the city Council of 35 members.

As reported in the press service of Dnipropetrovsk city Council, signatures under the document were put by the deputies of the factions «DILL», «Samopomich» and 6 deputies from «Oppositional block».

«To avoid speculations and not to be at variance with the law, today’s meeting of deputies is not a field session. Key issues, in particular, the new regulations and structure of the city Council, will be voted on February 29 at the session hall of the city Council,» — said Filatov on Wednesday 24 February, during the signing of the «coalition agreement», which took place at the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration.

The head of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Valentyn Reznichenko today during a meeting with deputies of the city Council urged them to unite efforts for effective operation of the regional center. The Governor promised full support, noting that Dnipropetrovsk is the only city in the area, which has not adopted the budget by 2016.

«This situation must be remedied immediately, and finally start the development of Dnipropetrovsk as required from each member of their voters. We can hide behind slogans and political ambitions, but to ensure the life of the city that has nothing, said Reznichenko.

In turn, the head of fraction «gromadska force» in Dnipropetrovsk city Council Catherine life said about the initiative on the dissolution of the current composition of city Council. According to her for the dissolution of the city Council satisfied with three folded seats.

«The city Council… the alignment does not correspond to the choices our voters did on election day. So I, as the head of the faction «gromadska force» out with the initiative of all factions on the dissolution of the city Council. If one third of MPs will lay down their Deputy mandates, it will be the basis for the announcement of early elections,» said life.

She also noted that for the dissolution of the city Council enough 17 votes of deputies from «Oppositional block», not included in the coalition, and 7 deputies of the faction «gromadska force».

The city Council of Dnepropetrovsk elected 64 members from 5 political parties: «Opposition bloc» — 25, «DILL» — 21, «gromadska force» — 7 «Feather Block Poroshenko» — 6, Samopomich — 5 deputies.

We will remind, recently in Dnepropetrovsk because of non-payment of salaries of striking employees «Yuzhmash» is a leading Ukrainian enterprise producing rocket and space equipment and technology for military, scientific and economic purposes.

In Dnepropetrovsk the city Council created the Pro-mayor majority. The Governor promises support 25.02.2016

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