In Dneprodzerzhinsk dismantled a plaque of Brezhnev

In Dneprodzerzhinsk the building of the technical University dismantled the plaque countryman, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev.

According to the University, the dismantling was carried out by educational institutions with the help of special equipment, reports «Crimea.Realities».

At the same time in the local Museum of history believe that this Board could not be removed: it did not fall under «the law of decommunization,» says the Museum’s Director Natalia Bulanova.

«The law is quite contradictory, and it has a point: it does not cover the use of symbols of totalitarian regime in the collections of museums, tombs, cemeteries, etc., and also at the time of presentation or reconstruction of historical events. We believe that this Board is a summary of events: Brezhnev studied in this Institute. It seems to me that this is so. In Geneva there is a memorial plaque on the house where he lived , Lenin. It seems to me that this is still «kinks». We used the command to destroy, but to consult with professionals», — said the candidate of historical Sciences, head of the Museum of history Natalia Bulanova.

According to the city Council, in accordance with the law of decommunization, with 63 monuments and memorials Dneprodzerzhinsk, registered in the State register of immovable monuments of Ukraine, 23 to be demolished.

In the list of monuments to be dismantled, in particular, were the monument to Lenin in the eponymous square, the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on the street Dzerzhinsky, a monument to the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev, memorial signs to honor the activities of the underground city Committee of CP (b)U, a plaque on the building where was held the first meeting of the Comenius Council of workers ‘ deputies in March 1917.

Moreover, recently the mayor of Kramatorsk of Donetsk region Andrey Pankov decree renamed the Park named after Lenin of the city head to the garden Bernatsky as part of decommunization.

In Dneprodzerzhinsk dismantled a plaque of Brezhnev 24.02.2016

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