In defense of zozuli made by a reputable Spanish newspaper El Pais

For the Ukrainian footballer Roman Zozulya in his conflict with the fans of Rayo Vallecano stood a popular and reputable newspaper in Spain El Pais.

The publication writes that the cuckoo made no secret of his nationalist views and supported the idea to return Donbas by force of arms, transfers «UKRINFORM». He also showed their positive attitude to Stepan Bandera, who, though a controversial figure of the Ukrainian people, but not a Nazi (as stated in the outcome documents of the Nuremberg trials).

«However there is no evidence that the cuckoo used Nazi symbols. And he was no different to racist or anti-Semitic remarks. Unlike Paolo Di Canio, Zozulya was not welcomed by fans of the Nazi gesture,» writes El Pais.

The newspaper notes that tie the Ukrainian nationalists with the Nazis is a style of Russian propaganda. At the same time, in modern Ukraine right-wing extremists in politics much less than in many countries in the EU.

Earlier it was reported that the players «betisa» publicly supported striker Roman Zozulya after scandalously disrupted transfer of the Ukrainian «Rayo Vallecano» because of the false accusations of the fans of the past in the Nazi point of view of the player.

In defense of zozuli made by a reputable Spanish newspaper El Pais 07.02.2017

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