In December 2016, the hackers attacked the 17 sites of state institutions – «Ukrainian Cyber Troops»

In December 2016, there was a surge of hacker attacks on the sites of Ukrainian state institutions — ministries and local councils — in particular, from the Russian side attacks were recorded at 7 sites from other countries — for 10.

The following statistics were provided by the founder of the project «Ukrainian Cyber Troops» Eugene Dokukin, UNIAN reports.

«In connection with separatist and terrorist acts in Eastern Ukraine hacker activity in December 2016 was significant. There have been many DDoS attacks and hacking the Internet,» he said.

According to the report, in December 2016, Russian hacker attacks were seven sites of state institutions and agencies. In particular, 7 Dec 2016 was attacked the websites of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury service of Ukraine, 13 Dec – the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. December 15, were subjected to cyber attacks the resource of the Ukrainian Railways company «Ukrzaliznytsya», 16 Dec – the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and its Ministry of transport.

«Ukrainian Cyber Troops» in December last year also recorded 10 foreign-political hacker attacks to sites of state administration in the Kirovograd and Vinnitsa regions, four departments Gosgeokadastra in the Rivne region and on the sites of other government agencies.

As reported, on December 29, 2016 the Council of national security and defense adopted the «information security Doctrine» developed by the Ministry of information policy (MIP).

At the end of December the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in November-December 2016 there were about 6,5 thousand cyber attacks on the objects of the five departments and thirty-one of the state information resource. Poroshenko stressed that the investigation of a number of incidents indicates the involvement directly or indirectly of the Russian special services that unleashed a cyber war against the Ukrainian state.

The first Deputy Director of the National Institute for strategic studies under the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Vlasiuk said that the Ministry of Finance and the state Treasury as the result of a hacker attack lost 3 terabytes of information.

In connection with hacker attacks on the servers on December 16, the Ministry of infrastructure announced the introduction of a special regime of control and protection of IT systems of public enterprises.

December 21, the Verkhovna Rada has included in the state budget for 2017 for an additional 150 million UAH for the development, modernization and functioning of the cyber defence.

The security service of Ukraine in January-November 2016 fixed 247 cyber-attacks on electronic information resources of state institutions.

In December 2016, the hackers attacked the 17 sites of state institutions – «Ukrainian Cyber Troops» 03.01.2017

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