In Crimea, the invaders blocked the website «Historical truth»

In Russian-occupied Crimea have limited access to the site «Historical truth». This is stated in the resource statement, released on Tuesday.

«The editors of «Historical truth» has received confirmation that Russia-occupied Crimea access to our site was restricted. In most cases, when you try to visit the website of the computer monitors shows an error «403 (Forbidden!)», — said in a statement.

«It seems that this happened because of the unspoken ban and Crimean providers mimic the error of unavailability of website. The editorial Board of «Historical truth» has not received from the occupation authorities no messages, warnings, or requirements. Users of our website repeatedly informed that the problems with access to the website began last summer of 2016,» said the editorial.

The editorial Board of «Historical truth» believes that such actions are a restriction of freedom of speech and the right to free access to information.

«We publicly appeal to national and international human rights organizations with a request to influence the government institutions of Russia for the lifting of all prohibitions and restrictions for access to our site in Russian-occupied Crimea» — said in a statement.

As you know, the occupation «power» of the Crimea have repeatedly stated the need to disable the Ukrainian media.

In Crimea, the invaders blocked the website «Historical truth» 24.01.2017

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