In Crimea, the invaders announced massovo mobilization. Evasion announce wanted

On Wednesday, 10 February 2016, the temporary Russian occupation the authorities of the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) has announced a General mobilization «reservists». About this on his page in Facebook said the head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov with reference to messages from the population of the Peninsula.

In confirmation he cites literally one of such letters:

«Last night I got a call on his mobile phone and said that by 11.00 am, I arrived at the recruiting office, with your passport and military ID. When I was there, there were already more than 100 people. We took the military tickets, which were returned in three hours, but with issued summons in which it was written that should arrive on 10 February to 21.00 to the Commissar. You should have the identification documents, if any, of the license if the physician, the sanitary book, if cook, also confirming document.

Working «recruits» also gave special roots so they handed them to his superiors at the place of work.

The question of where, why and how many days of total silence…

People began to resent: who few days ago had surgery for the disease who have 2-3 small children and the wife ill, in General different, but the real reasons that so suddenly to leave my family…

Answer one of the occupier — will not come at the appointed hour, «will bring under escort»…»

Information from Chubarova complements the known Crimean journalist Lisa Bogutskaya, working now on the mainland of Ukraine. According to her, evading the so-called «mobilization» expects the all-Russian wanted list.

«One guy was not on the agenda, he declared wanted. And yet, do not know whether it is true, but my friend reported that her neighbor’s son called and sent to Syria. Rašisty definitely preparing for something. Therefore, the technique and yuzayut in the Crimea», — writes the Bogutskaya.

About the active movement of military equipment of the Russian Federation also soobshaet user of social networks Asanas of Ashikov.

«Today, technology I saw as many as have not seen during capture, the column of armored personnel carriers, Kamazz, SAM, and even tanks from all directions were heading towards Kerch. Wow exercises», — he reports what he saw.

Recall that in the southern regions of Russia started military exercises.

At the same time the occupants were satisfied with the verification of combat readiness of the 1st and 2nd «army corps» in the Donbass.

As I warn in the Ukrainian law enforcement and special agencies for such maneuvers of the Russian side to hide the preparations for new attacks on Ukraine.

In Crimea, the invaders announced massovo mobilization. Evasion announce wanted 10.02.2016

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