In Crimea again blackout. Local residents said on the second anniversary of life under occupation

In the Crimea on February 28 blackouts: due to accidents on power lines remained without electricity Kerch, Sudak, Dzhankoy and Dzhankoy region. It is reported «Crimea. Realities» with reference to the local «power» of the occupants.

In particular, disconnected from electricity house on the street.Naturalists in Kerch, St. of Engels in Sudak, and also in B. p. Marine.

Two years Krimly: expensive products and empty train stations

Previously, the administration of Dzhankoy was reported that in the period from 5:00 28 February 22:00 February, the city and the region will be limited to the supply of electricity to the population, enterprises, organizations and institutions.

Accidents on the power lines about power outage warned in Sevastopol: in the city due to the shortage of electricity is disconnected, including and street lighting.

And in Yalta in the month of March, expected outage of transmission lines «due to a scheduled repair of electrical equipment».

30 December 2015 in the Crimea ceased to be supplied with electricity from mainland Ukraine due to damage, probably as a result of the explosion, the electrosupport in the Kherson region. Soon power lines, which were transferred to the Crimea up to 250 megawatts, restored, however, it was reported that the electricity in the Crimea is not served, since the end of the contract for the supply of electricity to the Peninsula, since the beginning of 2014 annexed by Russia.

Crimeans expressed the view that the occupiers ignore the number of accidents that occurred due to energoblok.

Discontent with the annexation is growing in Russia. For example, the currency food claim that the Russian economy cannot cope with the Crimea, and asked to return it to Ukraine.

Two years Krimly: expensive products and empty train stations

For the second year in the Crimea holds the status of the territory illegally annexed by Russia. Recall: in late February 2014, armed «green men» have seized the building of the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of Crimea and the March 16 «referendum» took place, in which residents would have voted in favour of independence of Crimea and its entry into the Russian Federation. As for these two years have changed life in Tauris, learned Today.

SOTSIALKA. As told to us displaced persons from Crimea AnwarCrimeans complain that during this time almost all of the pharmacies of the Peninsula disappeared Ukrainian medicine. «When somebody I know finds out that I’m going to go to Crimea from Ukraine, make orders for medications, says Anwar. And it’s not only in price but in quality of the drugs themselves: people complain that drugs production in Russia is more expensive, but doesn’t help».

Health care, according to a resident of Krasnoperekopsk Tatiana V., the self-proclaimed authorities of the Peninsula was free. Though not for everyone: «Those who changed nationality to Russian, issued an insurance policy under which even the dentist free. Under the policy, the person has the right to go to the clinic», — says Tatiana.

But immediately after the annexation of the Crimea Peninsula, according to Russian law, cancelled the substitution therapy program for drug addicts. According to the UN, such measures resulted in the death of more than 100 drug dependent people.

Students cut the power. «Previously fed all the beneficiaries and is now only elementary school students. Also, cleaned the cupboards — even a chocolate or juice to buy at recess anymore», — told us the resident of the Crimea of Susan.

TRANSPORT. Anwar adds: after the cancellation of railway communication with Ukraine to cross the administrative border with Crimea has become difficult and expensive. «For example, a ticket for a bus that transports people from the checkpoint, costs 500 UAH. And if you go to a family, it becomes a substantial sum, says Anwar. — Train stations are empty. I was at the station in the midst of the holiday season: there was no one there».

To get to other countries from the Crimea is also problematic. «To fly abroad only through Moscow, and from there take a plane to the next point. Of course, this extra time and expense, so that now almost do not go», — says Tatiana V.

BLACKOUT. After the energy embargo of the electricity situation of Crimea still remains difficult. «The so-called energy bridge (routed on the ARC with the Russian Federation) might work, but every day for 2-3 hours light in the homes continue to off: from 11:00 to 13:00 or from 17:00 to 20:00. Schedule of shutdowns is different in every city. Many Crimeans bought gasoline generators, and survive only with their help,» explains Anwar. The very same diesel fuel in the ARC costs about 34-36 rbl./l (12-13 UAH), which is cheaper than in Ukraine (15 UAH/l).

BUSINESS. In the Crimea to conduct their own business — that still a quest, complain residents. «To operate under Ukrainian law, it is impossible, — tells the employee of a construction company Simferopol Sergey. — The business must re-register. But many are faced with the inability to issue land documents, and closed the business.»

To obtain a work permit from the occupation authorities of the Crimea it is not easy either: «I don’t agree, the documents do not give… Assistance — zero, only obstacles. In General the policy is: «You find, through whom we bring, or get a waiver». Have got so that we had to cover many years of business!», — complains in social networks the entrepreneur from Sevastopol Alexander.

Instead of helping the dopsbory added: «In Ukraine, the private owner could not pay to the Pension Fund, if not operated, and in Russia this payment is mandatory. Plus a fee to cover the insurance. Fine now for any fines, and the penalty can reach 100 thousand roubles! And for failure to provide documents (even if you come late or forget to bring any help), without your knowledge can lock your account» — lists of Susana.

But, according to locals, on the streets of Crimea there are a lot of taxi drivers-the»bomb» on luxury cars. «The businessmen of Donbas, fleeing from the war to their cars, arrived in the Crimea being deceived «friendly» business environment. But less than a year, as these «Mercy» and «Lexi» started to taxi, and for a penny: the route, which in former times cost 70-80 UAH, «elite» now rolls 30 UAH», — said a local resident.

PRODUCTS. According to the businessman Yuri S., who was involved in the supply of products to the Peninsula, to support themselves food the Crimea can’t.

«Well there only grows figs, grapes and peaches. Everything else tons was supplied from Kherson, even onions! Without Ukrainian supplies vegetable prices increased by 3-4 times even on a simple traditional set, — says Yuri. — As for milk, the quality of the products from the Russian Federation does not go to any comparison: once in confectionery, with which I worked, the Ukrainian milk was replaced by the Kuban, and only heard: the dough is not mixed, the cakes do not rise».

In Crimea again blackout. Local residents said on the second anniversary of life under occupation 29.02.2016

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