In connection with the expulsion of the Russian journalist, the European Commission has urged Ukraine not to unduly restrict the work of the media

The European Commission reacted to the expulsion from Ukraine of the journalist of the Russian «First channel» Anna Kurbatova and Spanish journalists Antonio Pampliega and Manuel ángel Sastre, urging the Ukrainian authorities to protect the country’s national security, without violating fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

The corresponding statement was made at a press briefing in Brussels representative of the European Commission maja Kocijancic, reports «European true».

She noted that the European Commission is aware of two recent cases of expulsion of journalists from Ukraine and expect from Kiev to compliance with democratic standards when making such decisions. According to Kocijancic, the Ukrainian Ministry of information policy has made a request to law enforcement agencies about the causes of non-admission to Ukraine of two Spanish journalists, and the European Commission is awaiting the outcome of this request.

«When it comes to the case of the Russian journalist, I want to emphasize that the protection of national security and citizens must be achieved without violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the European Convention on human rights, and any such decisions should be made carefully, with observance of the right to freedom of expression,» she said.

Kocijancic added that the European Commission expects that the Ukrainian authorities refrain from using «excessive restrictions» on the issue of free flow of information.

25 August 2017 Pampliega and Sastre were deported from Ukraine to the Netherlands after 20 hours of waiting at the airport in Kiev. According to Pampliega, it has provided the Ukrainian border guards the necessary papers, but in the entrance he refused.

Press Association of Madrid urged the Spanish authorities to demand from Ukraine of the explanations of the expulsion of journalists. Actions of the Ukrainian authorities journalists called «an attempt of an authoritarian regime to censor».

On 29 August the security Service of Ukraine stated that the journalists wrote untrue material in particular that the Ukrainian army reportedly shelled the civilian Ukrainian towns.

August 30, First channel reported that in Kiev Kurbatov «grabbed the unknown close to home, put in the car and drove away». Russian journalist got into the database of the center «Peacemaker» because of the «anti-Ukrainian propaganda, manipulation of information of public interest and biased presentation of events». The speaker of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya the evening of 30 August reported that Kurbatova left Ukraine.

In organization «reporters without borders» said that «the deportation of the reporters is never the right response to the information war», this Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev said that the organization should require that in Paris, London and Washington helped to make the offices of ISIS. The OSCE has urged Ukraine not to expel journalists of the participating countries of the organization.

In connection with the expulsion of the Russian journalist, the European Commission has urged Ukraine not to unduly restrict the work of the media 31.08.2017

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