In Colombia, the plane crashed with the Brazilian soccer team, survivors

In Colombia, the plane crashed, on Board of which there were 81 people, including team members of the Brazilian football club «Epicoene» (Chapecoense) and 22 journalists accompanying the delegation. As reported by authorities, survived a plane crash five people, the rest died. According to Flightradar, the plane was flying in the Colombian city of Medellin from Santa Cruz de La Sierra in Bolivia and crashed about 45 km from the airport of destination.

The representatives of the civil aviation authority of Colombia said that the airliner, which belonged to the Bolivian airline Lamia, crashed near the town of El Gordo near the municipality of La unión (Antioquia), reports TASS. Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene of the crash.

Initially, the Twitter 360 Radio Colombia with reference to the chief of police of the Department of Antioquia, General Jose Acevedo Ossa , it was reported that 75 people were killed and only six survived. But later, the Agency Reuters referring to the authorities said that 76 people died. As AP reports, the police confirmed that the crash survived five.

Search and rescue operations in the area of the crash have been suspended because there are no more survivors, said General Jose Acevedo Ossa.

Earlier among the injured, taken to hospital, called the 27-year-old midfielder «Epicoene» Alan Rosela, goalkeeper Marcos Danilo and member of the football team Jackson Follmann.

In addition, it was reported rescued by the commander of the crew Miguel Quiroga, the flight attendant Jimena Suarez and Brazilian journalist Rafael Henselae.

360 Radio Colombia publishes first images of the crashed ship.

As it became known, the players of «Epicoene» flew on planned for 1 Dec game with the Colombian club «Atletico Nacional». The players were headed to Medellin to participate in the final match of South American Cup. It also reported that nine players «Epicoene» didn’t go to Medellin. «The players who didn’t go to Medellin: Rafael Lima, Nenna, Demerson, Marcelo Beech, Andrea, Ioras, Martinucci, Moises and Nivaldo«- a Brazilian TV channel SporTV.

Twitter «Atletico Nacional» noted that the club expresses its deep regret in connection with the crash and is waiting for information from the authorities.

Flight CP2933 flew out from Brazil on Monday evening and made a stop in Santa Cruz then went to Colombia, the report said.

Representatives of the airport of Medellin informed the Colombian authorities about the emergency situation and began the necessary steps to investigate the incident. At the airport established an operational emergency Committee.

«Shapechange» — Brazilian football club from Chapecó (Santa Catarina state). Was founded may 10, 1973 with the merger of the clubs «Atletico Epicoene» and «Independent». Since 2014 plays in Series A of the Brazilian championship.

We will note, in 2011 the plane crashed, on Board of which was flying a hockey team. Then in September at the airport «Tunoshna» in Yaroslavl during takeoff the plane fell YAK-42 with the basic structure HK «the Locomotive» flying to Minsk for the match against local «Dynamo».

In Colombia, the plane crashed with the Brazilian soccer team, survivors 29.11.2016

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