In Cologne, refugee women have accused the guards of a shelter in the harassment

A resident of one of the orphanage of refugees in Cologne accused the security guards of the building of sexual harassment.

They stated in an open letter, according to Spiegel.

As the newspaper notes, the letter says 9 the employees of the security service.

In particular, according to migrants, the guards photographed in their shower rooms and during breastfeeding.

In addition, refugee women said that the guards made them indecent proposals.

Now the investigation of allegations involved in the local police.

On Wednesday about 50 residents of the orphanage went on a spontaneous rally with open letters, which also accused the administration of a shelter in unsanitary conditions.

We will remind, on the night of December 31 to January 1, 2016 during the celebration of St. Sylvester (ger. Silvesternacht), as they call New Year in Europe, on the forecourt of Cologne next to the world famous Gothic Cathedral, Arab men groups of 20 people staged a so-called «rape Game» or «TA Harus» (taHarrush): up to 10 people tighten bystander in a circle where the use of force arrange group abuse; the rest are a distraction and form of external defense from passers-by and police.

The police received more than 600 women who reported rapes and brutal beatings. Excesses arranged in the order of 1 000 men, recently arrived from countries where their religion is Islam.

On 5 February the police of Cologne has reported 22 cases of sexual harassment of local residents by migrants from Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle East that occurred in the city last Thursday — the first night, a traditional street carnival.

In Cologne, refugee women have accused the guards of a shelter in the harassment 18.02.2016

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