In China still could: close down factories and schools

Beijing and other cities throughout Northern and Central China on Monday was shrouded in thick smog, prompting authorities to delay dozens of flights and closing highways, schools and factories. It is reported by Wsbt.

Municipal Bureau of environmental protection of Beijing declared orange severity of air pollution for the next three days.

«Orange» is the third level of danger and is preceded by a «red» in a four-level warning system of China.

Sunday, 1 January, 25 cities in China declared a «red signal» alarm because of the smog, in connection with which were closed down factories, schools and construction sites.

In addition, due to the poor visibility, it was canceled more than 300 flights from the Northern city of Tianjin on Sunday.

The government has deployed teams of inspectors to check the polluting factories.

From 16 December to 21 December, China had acted «red» alert level after the Ministry of environmental protection warned of a sharp deterioration in air quality in Northern China.

In China still could: close down factories and schools 03.01.2017

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