In China showed unmanned air taxi

EHang, the Chinese company presented a video of flight tests of advanced passenger cab drone EHang 184. Tests were conducted a year later after the company announced that will develop unmanned taxi, said N+1.

EHang 184 made under the scheme quadcopter at the ends of each of the beams which are placed two electric motors. These motors drive looking up and down propellers.

As expected, a full taxi will be able to carry passengers weighing up to one hundred pounds. The maximum electric machine can develop the speed up to a hundred kilometers per hour and stay aloft for up to 23 minutes.

Today, many companies in the world are developing different types of air taxis. It is believed that in the next decade several countries will be revised legislation that will allow the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles for the carriage of passengers within cities and between cities and suburbs.

In particular, in December last year, the us company Krossblade Aerospace Systems has announced the intention to develop a new light passenger aircraft SkyCruiser. This is the aircraft vertical takeoff and landing with a pull-out rays like the rays of the drone, which will be installed bearing propellers. For horizontal flight, to wing and tail pusher propeller.

New American plane-transformer SkyCruiser is expected to make a five. Under the preliminary draft, maximum takeoff weight of the phone is 1.6 tons. The length of the plane will amount to 9.4 meters. In airplane mode SkyCruiser can reach the speed of 270 knots (500 kilometers per hour) and to perform flights on distance to 1,6 thousand kilometers.

After landing SkyCruiser can put rays with propellers, wing and tail feathers, turning in the car. It is assumed that the device can be certified for movement on public roads.

In China showed unmanned air taxi 05.01.2017

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