In China confirmed the first case of the disease Zeke. In Central America to fight the disease prevent gang

Chinese official structures have confirmed the first detection of the virus infection Zeke. The infected man recently returned from South America, informs Agency Xinhua.

The virus, which has spread to most parts of North and South America, was detected in 34-year-old man from the Eastern Jiangxi province, the Agency reports citing the National Commission on health and family planning. As specified by the specialists, the risk of spreading the disease is currently low, because the winter cold, there are almost no vectors — mosquitoes.

Positive man after returning to China visited Hong Kong and the southern Guangdong province. In the airports of Hong Kong enhanced check, the report says. The Department of health region warns of the danger of the local spread of the virus, because in Hong Kong inhabited by Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes, which are carriers. No case of the disease on the Peninsula has not yet been confirmed.

The infected patient is in quarantine in a hospital in his home town on 6 February. Currently he is again normal body temperature, and a characteristic rash is almost gone. It is known that he recently visited Venezuela. Home the man returned through Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

At the same time, the Federal Ministry of health in Mexico reported the first case of the virus on the resort city of Acapulco in Guerrero state. It is about a young woman. It is known that she is not pregnant, says with reference to El Universal. A patient from Santa Cruz was admitted to hospital on 17 January. Laboratory investigations confirmed the infection by zika virus.

The health officials of the state emphasize that the incident should not affect the flow of tourists, since the probability of an outbreak was excluded, but the authorities took all possible sanitary measures. In Acapulco imported a large number of repellents that are handed out to the population. In holiday region recorded 117 cases of dengue fever and 37 cases of infection with chikungunya virus. In all cases, the vectors were mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, health care workers, who are fighting with Zeke in Central America, in addition to the hordes of mosquitoes, faced with a new threat — gangs that control the slums and can be life-threatening.

Armed and well-organized street gangs control entire neighborhoods, tracking everyone who enters and leaves their territory. In some cases, they hinder the work of doctors suspected of cooperation with the police or rival gangs.

Similar situations have arisen before. In 2014 in San Salvador was shot dead by the ambulance worker, who upon inspection discovered the tattoo of hostile criminal groups. Similar cases have taken place in Honduras and Guatemala. «There is no government. State power is replaced by the power of the gangs,» explains Carlos Sarah, criminologist from the Higher school of economy and business in El Salvador.

Meanwhile in El Salvador was identified over seven thousand cases of suspicion on disease by a virus of Zeke. The authorities recommended that women postpone for two years the planning a pregnancy due to severe congenital defects that the disease can cause in unborn children.

The zika virus, which became widespread in Latin America, was opened in 1947 in Uganda. In most cases the disease progresses without any symptoms, so the virus is hard to detect. Outbreaks were reported in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Pacific region.

In the Western hemisphere, she now is spreading particularly quickly — the virus has already penetrated the 21 countries out of 55, although in may of last year sick were registered only in Brazil. With this virus, scientists have linked a congenital decrease in the size of the brain and skull, leading to mental retardation in infants.

On 1 February the world health organization recognized the spread of the virus zika global threat. In the who established a special Department to combat the virus. The last time such measures were used during the epidemic of Ebola.

In China confirmed the first case of the disease Zeke. In Central America to fight the disease prevent gang 10.02.2016

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