In China, changed the date for the start of the Second Sino-Japanese war

The Chinese government has amended the history books, according to which the Second Sino-Japanese war lasted eight and 14 years, reports BBC Russian.

It is believed that the Second Sino-Japanese war began July 7, 1937 and ended on 9 September 1945, simultaneously with the end of world war II, when Japan surrendered to the anti-Hitler coalition troops.

Now the Chinese government offers to considered the beginning of the war, Mukden incident on 18 September 1931 when the Kwantung army invaded Manchuria.

According to the newspaper Beijing News, the Ministry of education of China in early January had sent letters to the regional agencies with disposal until the spring to amend the history books. The new textbooks, the phrase «eight-year war of resistance» should be substituted for «fourteen-year war of resistance».

The Ministry attributed the changes necessary to strengthen the national spirit. As reported by the Chinese media, this decision should emphasize that China was the main battleground of Nazism.

Previously, the Chinese government has already stated the need to strengthen Patriotic education in the country.

We will remind, in December, Prime Minister of Japan made a historic visit to pearl Harbor and honored the memory of victims of the bombing together with the US President.

In China, changed the date for the start of the Second Sino-Japanese war 11.01.2017

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