In China are trying to deal with cheating in schools using the «hat» from the Newspapers

In China has been widely discussed know-how of teachers from Anhui province, who have decided to fight the problem of cheating in the classroom with hats from Newspapers.

As noted by AsiaOne, the solution turned out to be extremely cheap and also effective. Hats made from the whole newspaper sheets, in which cut round holes for the top students. Low-hanging field narrow review so he could look at his neighbor’s paper on the Desk impossible.

For the first time the new method was tested in middle school in Chuzhou. Photos from the experimental class got viral in Chinese social networks.

According many participants in the discussion paid tribute to a witty move, but there were also those who pointed out the obvious psychological discomfort, which makes students need to sit in funny hats.

For Shanghaiist photos gave rise to discussions about possible measures to counter the rampant deception by dodgy scholars. The publication notes that schools are becoming harder to catch those who writes off, as the students are in the course of the latest achievements of science and technology, including unmanned aerial vehicles and spy equipment.

In India, admittedly, even more rudely blamed the local media reported the relatives of the examinee, which were painted Cribs school walls and threw them in classes and tutorials. At the end of last school year, police arrested more than 1,000 people, who in their desire to help the students crossed the line.

Recall that in 2013, Chinese Schoolgirls were forbidden to come to «gacao» (two days of final exams) in the bras. This detail of the toilet is often used by graduates in order to hide Cribs.

In China are trying to deal with cheating in schools using the «hat» from the Newspapers 03.01.2017

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