In Chile, forest fires destroyed the city

In Chile, the number of victims of forest fires that the leadership of the state called the strongest in the entire history of the country has reached, according to officials, ten people. The fire completely destroyed the small Chilean town of Santa Olga, AP reports.

The fire covered a post office, a kindergarten and about a thousand houses in the town located 320 km South from the capital of Chile, Santiago. Under the burnt wreckage was found the body of one person, whose identity could not be established. Six thousand citizens were able to leave Santa Olga unharmed, reports

The mayor of the neighboring town of Constitucion Carlos Valenzuela described the situation as «awful» and «endless nightmare». «Everything burned,» stated the mayor.

Another body was discovered inside the burned house in the coastal town of Concepcion 140 km from Santa Olga, said the Governor of the province , Andrea Munoz. Authorities later reported that a firefighter died because of that overturned truck with water. In addition, on Wednesday, the fire victims were two police officers.

Severe fires have destroyed about 160 thousand hectares of forest. The area of forest fires has exceeded 238 thousand hectares. Fire raging in Central and southern Chile, extending from-for a strong wind, high temperatures and drought.

January 21, the Chilean authorities declared a disaster zone two provinces in the region of O’higgins and two municipalities in the main wine region of Maule in the country, reports TASS.

Also the fires raging in the Central regions of Bio-Bio and araucanía region, known for its forest industry. In these regions there is a large part of the Indian people of the Mapuche, indigenous inhabitants of Chile.

Because of the scale of the fires the President of Chile Michelle Bachelet was forced to declare a state of emergency, deploy the troops and to ask for international assistance. The head of state called the situation «the greatest forestry disaster» in the history of the country.

To aid in extinguishing fires in Chile from United States Jan 25, Boeing 747-400 arrived Super Tanker. The world’s largest aircraft for fire suppression may be reset to the ground about 73 thousand liters of flame retardant or water.

In Chile, forest fires destroyed the city 27.01.2017

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