In Chernivtsi will create a Memorial Museum center of Bukovinian Jews

In Chernivtsi began the creation Museum Memorial center of the Jews of Bukovina. A center dedicated to the Holocaust, located in the historic building «Beit Kadishin» (farewell) to Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery. About it is notified on the official website of the Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine.

«The project is still in development. For the conceptual solution of the exposition of the future Museum invited various experts – designers, Museum workers, historians, archivists. Since the «Beit Kadishin» has long been used for other purposes, this building is in a dilapidated condition. On his recovery actively collected funds», — stated in the message.

As noted by Ilya Hoch, Chairman of the Chernivtsi Jewish charitable community «Miriam,» he pays tribute to his mother, who went through two concentration camps and ghettos, as well as the 6 million victims of the Holocaust who died in this terrible war.

«I wish we turned this terrible page in history, moving forward,» he said.

It is expected that the Museum will become one of the crowded places.

As reported, on 7 October in Chernivtsi opened a memorial to the prisoners of Chernivtsi ghetto, and November 3 – restored the famous synagogue of the Hasidim Sadgirsky. These events have caused a real pilgrimage to the city.

In Chernivtsi will create a Memorial Museum center of Bukovinian Jews 22.11.2016

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