In Chernivtsi, the school opened a memorial plaque to the three fallen alumni soldiers ATO

Chernivtsi today on the facade of the school №28 inaugurated a memorial plaque to the three graduates – Vladislav Trepko, Paul Konopleva and Potereiko Sergei, who died in a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation.

As the correspondent of UNIAN, the ceremony was attended by relatives and friends of the victims, the mayor Alexei Kaspruk. The priest chanted prayers for the dead.

«It’s been two years since I killed our son. He died in July of 2014, and we buried him already in four months, when identified the body. All this time still hoped that his son is alive. It is important for us that remember him in high school, where he studied from the first grade, played with children in football. We are very grateful to the people who gave money to a memorial plaque,» said the mother Konopleva , Tatiana.

Funds for the installation of memorial plaques was collected by public organization «Union asset of the neighborhood Graviton – changes!»

«The funds donated by the residents of the neighborhood, including the members of our organization. We have a lot of young guys who studied in this school, and now here, their children study. Also responded to the concerned citizens. Gave much as they could», – said the Chairman of the public organization Dennis Beets, which is also studied in the school №28.

Vladislav Trepko – surgeon, Lieutenant of medical service, was killed near debaltseve in February 2015, saving wounded soldiers. Awarded the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree and «national Hero of Ukraine».

Member of the ATO Pavel Konoplev was killed in July 2014 near Lugansk airport. Awarded the order of the II degree «For courage».

Sergei Potereiko was a scout and was killed during a combat mission in July 2016. Awarded the order «the glory of Chernivtsi.»

Earlier in Zhitomir opened a memorial plaque in memory of the deceased anti-terrorist operation countryman, the paratrooper Artem, Strizhenko.

In Chernivtsi, the school opened a memorial plaque to the three fallen alumni soldiers ATO 28.11.2016

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